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All our fees are straightforward, so you will never have to worry about confusing or hidden charges

No matter how large or small you or your loved one's bond may be, the fee, or premium, will always be 10% of the bond's face value. Additionally, there is a $25 initiation fee for each bond and a $12 state tax due on each bond.


Your total bill:

 •  Fee of 10% of bond's face value ($10 on $100 bond, $100 on a $1,000 bond, etc.)

 •  Initiation fee is $25 for each bond

 •  State tax of $12 on each bond

We know resources may be limited in these tough economic times, we offer credit terms to qualified signers.

Credit Terms Available

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so give us a call anytime!


Bottom Line: 

The total premium for each bond is 10% of the bond's face value plus $37. Our reliable and honest staff will help you through this process.

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We have easy to understand fees

You will never pay more than you have to with M & M Bail Bond Company.

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